Parenting Writer Portfolio (OR… My Dad Body of Work)

Parenting Writer Portfolio (OR… My Dad Body of Work)

A parenting writer at sites including Loved By Parents, I also create social media posts and product reviews. If you are looking for a professional writer that will help your brand reach parents as successfully as my three-year-old reaches for scissors, drop me an email or Whatsapp me.

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    Parenting Writer

    I write blogs and content for (Home to the LBP Awards = Monthly reach of 6 million parents. SOURCE: My most recent piece was an interview with Lucy Mecklenburgh which you can read here, or link to the YouTube video to listen below.

    As well as blogging on this site, I also write at

    Snufflebabe child cold

    Product Review: Snufflebabe

    You are probably thinking the illustration on the right cost £000s to have made aren’t you? SPOILER! I drew that. And I wrote this product review to go alongside it. (NB: This is not to promote my work as an illustrator. Definitely not.)

    snufflebabe review


    The Dad Booth YouTube channel is where I film, produce, edit and upload either videos versions of interviews… or where I make videos of messing about with my children. Interviews I write for articles will also feature on The Dad Booth YouTube channel as podcasts. The first, as mentioned above, you can see and listen to here.

    parenting writer

    Social Media

    Creating targeted posts on Facebook and Instagram with SEO analytics to measure engagement. Developed through years of presenting radio shows, and honed through trying to entertain my children; content is king and always comes first.


    To share my interview with Lucy Mecklenburgh on I created this promoted Pinterest post, using the published article as a focal point.

    I write creatively as a parent, working with brands to make sure your message is seen by the people you want to talk to. I’m a parent, talking to other parents, using the skills I’ve developed throughout my career.

    If you want to talk about working with me, I look forward to chatting with you.

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