What Daddy’s Done At Work

What Daddy’s Done At Work

I am a parenting content writer, a broadcaster and a Dad who believes in putting positive content into the world. 

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Writer – As a BBC trained journalist I write content that is proven to engage and build audiences. I write blogssocial media content, radio adverts (Heart, Smooth), and product reviews. I write warm, positive content that speaks to parents and also maximises SEO potential. I often eat Bourbons whilst doing this.

Broadcaster – As a broadcaster in commercial and BBC radio I have increased audience numbers by thousands upon thousands throughout my career. I’ve met and interviewed so many interesting people from A-listers to community heroes. And a puppet fox. (Read what I’ve learned about interviewing techniques here.)

Parent – My children are why I write specifically for parents. Brands and products that parents use and search for are the ones I use and search for too. I’m just a consumer who has a computer, a home studio set-up… and children.

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