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The Dad Booth
The first meeting.

In June 2017 my fiancee, Kerri, and I are expecting our first child. He is going to be a boy. (We have had the 20-week scan. Rather than we have just made a choice…)

At first, I didn’t think I’d blog about being a Dad. I didn’t think I’d have enough content; or that I wanted our son to be the subject of it.

With more than half the journey completed until we meet this little fella in person – and I accept, the journey had predominantly been undertaken by Kerri – I have realised, I am going to blog about it. Then I realised, given that my surname is Booth, I could call it The Dad Booth.

This decision has been made based less on the fact that I think it’d make good content (after all, there are many great Dad and baby blogs in the ether); more on the fact that… I have no idea what having a baby is about.

So, this is my blog. This is The Dad Booth. Please, step in. And bring tips.

Thank you.



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