About The Dad Booth

About The Dad Booth

Hi, I’m Al. I’m a positive sort of person; even when my daughter is waking at 3am. (It’s just hidden more until the coffee kicks in.)

the dad booth

A Bit About The Dad Booth

For more than 20 years I have built audiences in commercial and BBC radio. For the last 3 years I have also built things out of Mega Bloks.

As a writer my work has featured on LovedByParents.com, Metro.co.uk, The Doe, and our son’s magnetic white board, to name a few.

I’m also an event host and interviewer, having chatted with A-list movie stars, politicians, social activists and a World War 2 pilot as he flew us in his plane. (He was 86 at the time.)

The hardest interview of all will always be my son, immediately after he’s finished pre-school.

A-Dogg (3) and Si-Si (10 months) are not the real names of my children; they are my real children though. (Mine and my fiancee Kerri’s, I should point out.)

And why The Dad Booth? Well, my surname is Booth so it just works. (With a little poetic license…)

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