Buying For Baby.

When do you need to start buying for baby?

Last night I had a frightening dream that we had only two months until our first ever baby was born… and I hadn’t really prepared. 

Then, thankfully, I woke up.

After which I realised that we have only two months until our first ever baby is born… and I haven’t really prepared. 

On the outside, I am cool and calm. Kerri, who is doing an amazing job of carrying the baby inside, is also cool and calm. I don’t have a baby inside me. I do, however, have a rising panic that I have been too relaxed and now… 


If you as a mother or a father have been in this situation, what was the first thing you got sorted?

We have a Moses basket. We have clothes passed on from the Tummy Rascal’s cousins. We have a nursery…


The nursery! I have just remembered as I write, it doesn’t have a cot. Or a changer. It does, however, have painted walls. (I need to finish cutting in, but that will be finished tomorrow; all cool and relaxed on that front.)

I’m interested to know how parents of yet-to-arrive children felt at this stage. My thought upon waking this morning after that dream were as follows:


And then:

If little fella came today, would we have enough to bring him home to?

We have a home with a roof. That is a good start. We have a Moses basket. Again, that’s good. I began to relax…

… and then I remembered bottles; cot; changer; nappies; baby bath; creams; lotions; potions; Middlesbrough Football Club romper suit.

The Dad Booth
The way he’s kicking tonight, he could be playing for Boro in a few years…

Do we need one of those Tommee Tippee self-cleaning-and-all-dancing bottle making machines?

Do we need a rocking chair thing that moves in 15-different directions?

Do we need a huge stockpile of Farley’s Rusks? (Yes. Yes, we do. They’re delicious!)

Two months is probably ages, in all calmness. Frankton and I shall sit down and make a list. (In fact, I have probably made it above.)

But it is interesting to know what the most necessary thing is. Is it a gadget? Is it a rocking thing? Or is it just my fiancée’s breasts for feeding?

I am still finding out. (It’s the Boro romper, isn’t it?)


PS… In finding the pic of the romper suit, an image came up of a pram. I have forgotten the pram…




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