In The Beginning…

I felt the vibration between my legs…

… I didn’t realise it would lead to our first baby.

It was a Friday afternoon and I was almost back home at our house in Worcestershire, having driven up from the south coast where I lived and worked in the week.

As I came off the motorway, my phone buzzed. I drove to the nearby supermarket car-park and looked at the Whatsapp message that had come through.

Can you see two lines?

We’d decided to try for a baby whilst looking at wedding venues. I’d already made the decision to permanently move into our home. Our wedding was planned for Summer 2017; although no venues had been finalised.

One evening, during a fairly normal phone chat, we broached the subject of having a child. We realised that, unless we became pregnant within the next month or so, we’d have to wait until after the wedding. (I say “we”, I’ve Googled several pages it and know that it was only ever going to be Frankton who would get pregnant. Even Wikipedia says that.)

So, we decided to try.

A few weeks after we’d made that decision, I looked down at my Whatsapp message in the car-park. Staring back at me, I saw this picture.


“Can you see two lines?” Frankton asked.

I’ll be honest with you, my heart sank. I looked at the picture. I zoomed it in. There were definitely two lines.

I didn’t realise I’d feel this disappointed. I stared at the result, willing it to be different.

With a heavy heart, I called my fiancee. However, she was at work and had only managed to snatch a second to send me the picture.

I didn’t want to do it via text, but I had to let her know.


“Yes, there are definitely two lines,” I replied to the message. “But they’re both red…”

I set off home from the supermarket, knowing that I shouldn’t be down but, well, you can’t help how you feel, can you?

The phone rang.

“Hi,” a hushed Frankton said. “What do you mean they’re both red?”

“Well, the lines. They’re both red. But that’s okay, we knew we wouldn’t conceive straight away.”

“What do you mean? Two lines means I’m pregnant!”

“But they’re red…” I said.

To cut a frankly ridiculous and unnecessary long story short, it turns out that red doesn’t mean negative. In fact, it doesn’t mean anything. For some reason – and to this day I don’t know why I’d had this in my head – a pregnancy test doesn’t turn blue for positive and red for negative.

We were pregnant!

My sperm and Frankton’s egg had hit it off straight away. (I told you, Google. And Youtube.)

This was, and is amazing. Given the time it had taken, we were also very fortunate. Very fortunate.

This whole tale began some 24 weeks ago. So there is still a long way to go…

…and yet not very long at all until we meet this little fella.

The Dad Booth


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