Let’s Make Positive Parent Content

Let’s Make Positive Parent Content

Hi, I’m Al. I’m a broadcaster and content writer. I’m also a happy Dad of 2. That is why I am so passionate about creating positive parent content.

Here is a very brief example of my work. Please email me to discuss working together to share the colour and positivity of being a parent.


ARTICLE: LovedByParents.com Interview with Lucy Mecklenburgh

PRODUCT REVIEW: Snufflebabe The oddest best contraption your child will ever need.

INTERVIEW: Baroness Doreen LawrenceOn changing the law in the UK, getting justice for her son… and not seeing herself as others do.

BLOG: You can read The Dad Booth blog here, or my Al Booth blog here. Please have a cup of tea and at least one biscuit ready. (Just because tea & biscuits are lovely to have.)