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The Dad Booth and You: What Can We Do Together?

In my spare time, when I’m not doing my day job as a broadcaster and writer, I’m a Dad.

Or should that be…

In my spare time, when I’m not being a Dad, I’m a broadcaster and writer.

Haha, of course it’s neither.

What parent has spare time!?!?!

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A-Dogg (3) and Si-Si (7 months) are not the real names of my children; they are my real children though. (Mine and my fiancee Kerri’s, I should point out.)

Five years ago, when my partner and I first bought our house, we furnished it with cream sofas, cream curtains, and a cream carpet.

After settling in for a couple of years our son was born. Then earlier this year, his sister came along. Now nothing we have is cream.

They’re the same furniture and fittings; they’re just no longer cream.

I know about looking for help online when there’s a cough or a cold. I know about searching for the best products by review 24 hours before a birthday party. I know about wishing I could find somewhere that stocks spider wallpaper because that’s what our 3-year-old wants for his room…

This is why I am a content writer for parents.

From blogs to interviews, product descriptions to podcasts and audio.

I share things from a Dad’s perspective. A happy, positive, sometimes a bit sleepy perspective.

It will be great to hear from you. Please, drop me an email me here.

Me, Alfie and Sienna with pumpkins