About The Dad Booth.

About The Dad Booth.

Hi, I’m Al and I write about parenting from a Dad’s positive point-of-view.

I’m a BBC-trained journalist who creates articles for parenting sites, produces SEO-focused blogs, and shares light-hearted product reviews.

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As well as creating audience-increasing content throughout my career as a broadcaster and writer (click here to see my work), I have also created two children…

content writer for parents

A Bit About The Dad Booth: A Content Writer For Parents

A-Dogg (3) and Si-Si (9 months) are not the real names of my children; they are my real children though. (Mine and my fiancee Kerri’s, I should point out.)

I’ve been a radio presenter and writer for 22 years, in recent times with the BBC as a broadcaster and journalist.

Since my son was born I have naturally written more and more as a parent, taking my skills as a broadcaster and writer and adding in my fairly new perspective as a Dad.

Or, to put it another way: I’m a BBC-trained journalist and an untrained Dad.

And why The Dad Booth? Well, my surname is Booth so it just works. (With a little poetic license…)

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